About this blog

Yes I know there are so many things a blog is suppose to be!
Focused on one topic, I'll never build a following without a core topic. Laid out in a certain way, blah blah blah. 
(I spend large chunks of my working day telling people this too.)

However, Berniejmitchell.com is where I share questions, thoughts, travel, food, observations and bits of the web I like. Please don't look to it as guidance to on how to develop a winning blog, it is a mixing pot of too many things and I like this way. 

My "grown up business blog" is at Engaging People as are the podcasts I co-create. 

Want to hook up? The best way to get me is via twitter here or try me on +44 777 204 2012
In person
I don’t do meetings or “can I pick your brain” coffees.
Instead you can catch me weekly at KnidredHQ coworking or TAGtribe Meet Up or London Bloggers Meet Up every month. Of course there is my legendary Late Late Breakfast Show here.
How can I help you? 
1. I work on inbound marketing consultancy projects (content creation, social media, event strategy and blogging, Hubspot and Nimble CRM ) this generates you traffic, leads and sales.
2. Speaking at your event or running a bespoke workshop at your company.
3. Attend an event, workshop or listen to a podcast to work out if you think I can help you.
My areas of industry expertise are b2b tech, sharing economy and on-line communication for events, oh and blogging!