Seth Godin on creating value, blogging and fear

I have to come clean here, I was over the moon when Seth said he'd podcast with me. It took two goes, the first day the recording software crSeth Godin with engaging peopleashed and I thought it was all over.
The second day I had come to my senses, after reading Seth's books and then attempting to put them into action (with varying degrees of success) helped me understand that a few glitches are part of the journey. Probably the biggest thing I have come to understand from Seth is "shipping" - when you run out of time and run out of money you ship. Often I run out of both at the same time and have to find a way, it is easy to write that line and laugh here - but in reality there is an agony, when you get to that agony a few others recognise it in you because they know it too. That little moment is when the magic happens, it moves beyond time and money and into the tribe and the network. It becomes about making it happen and combining resources to ship it. So I shipped this podcast and the ones after it are better than the ones before, I am really ok with that as this project is teaching me more than anything else for a while. In this podcast we talk about the #Sharingeconmy, why going to lots of events and chasing investors might not be as smart as blogging and the importance of listening to David Bowie.
Most importantly being a freelancer vs entrepreneur and why making sales calls is vital. You can catch "me and Seth"  here in April in San Francisco and listen to the organiser Lisa Gansky chat with Emily and I here. (Thanks to and for sponsoring our trip)

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