My Eco system - Working out loud

I am need to write somewhere and this seemed in tune with working out loud, which I almost forgot last week, sorry. 

I was soooo busy, actually so busy thinking about writing it down I, er, forgot to write it down. 

Luckily I have a #coworking force of nature around me that reminds me of promises that I have forgotten to keep to myself. 

So here it is..
First a 'disclaimer' - this time last year I could not see the wood for the trees, let alone my hand in front of my face. If I had known I'd make it this far into 2013 I would have been overjoyed.

I started 2013 looking for an 'Eco system' that combined 'what you are passionate about' 'what the world will pay you for' and 'what makes a contribution' - these three circles are from Covey's 8th Habit book - one of the most sensible and well thought out personal development books in my library. 

It has taken all bloody year to piece it together and now it is there!
 (Once again big cheer to my long suffering #coworking table.)
Actually it was there all along and my head was so deep in the sand I could not see it. 

2 things and why 

1. - (Sh way to learn, connect, generate revenue and cover what I need. 

2. Bernie's blogging University - (AKA Engaging People) of course it is not a University! The title is taking the piss. 
This is starting to generate revenue and letting me share my expertise without a load of organisation or clients - I have "customers / students" instead of clients. 
I am quite sure I am not built for clients, I loose my head and end up wanting to stab them in the eye (BTW not you KWJ!! #Triiibes ;-) 

The idea dropped in my lap after a suggestion, followed by a kick in the head from +Ann Hawkins - now the whole things is as fun and easy as cooking a big meal for me. 
SOMEHOW it seemed like disarming a bomb strapped to my child. 

What matters is the substance and content - 
So long as I have enough money for plane tickets, the mortgage and Lego for #babybernie I'll tell you what ever you need and most of that is easy to do in the five week time frame. 
Also it means I am constantly reading in this area and that fuels my own brain. 

Location Independent
I hate turning up anywhere - I want something I can do from anywhere - hence the lust for coworking and being mobile. 
Also THE best version of #supercoolwife and #babybernie is the 'on the move version' all our best times are travelling and getting stuck together ;-)
I'd much rather #Babybernie stared out a bus window than at a TV. 

Declaration of Independence 
The online Sharing Economy Radio and Ouishare community has given me that interconnectedness that combines work, purpose, growth and travel, by the end of 2014 I want to be hosting shows in Spanish. 

In 2014 I am going to do a TEFL course which means we can Land anywhere and I can teach, also I can learn more about my native language and become a better writer myself. After studying education at Roehampton I found out so much about education it put me off being a teacher for life. However, the epic combination of teaching the internal and  language is really inviting. 

This might sound easy, it is only easy by the communities I participate in, Kindredhq, London Booggers Meet Up, TAGtribe and Ouishare.