Falling towards Argentina #LBM

If I could drive anywhere in the world right now I’d drive to a book shop and pick up another copy of “In Patagonia” by Bruce Chatiwn then armed with my video camera I’d pop down to Argentina and follow in Chatwin’s footspteps. 
On the journey I would stop at each place Chatwin did and find someone to cook a local dish from with and video the making of the dish.
I’d upload it on my blog with all the ingredients so “the folks at home could cook along”. What is amazing about Argentina is the way it is a rapid mix of all the best bits of Europe with all with very native roots.
There are places that Chatiwin visited with very old Welsh and German communities that are more Welsh than Wales and more German than Germany. I have visited a Polish camp several times that is more Polish than Poland!
The quest here for me is discovering how Chatwin made the trip in 1974 with a back pack and a moleskin notebook. I can never get my head round how HUGE Argentina is with jungle at one end and ice at the other. One day I’ll live there and it is vital for me to understand this place on its own terms. Buenos Aries is amazing; however you can look at as a vibrant grid of transported European neighbourhoods and I feel at home.
Why? This would make for a varied and interesting drive, besides I have always wanted to send a telegram like Chatwin did – "Have gone to Patagonia."