#TAGtribe Blog - Following on from SME 2.0 with @leesmallwood "The Viral Tribe" Flies High with @KLM

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sHY7xrB2Ac]

Following on from viral marketing and "one to many" by @leesmallwood at the TAGtribe SME 2.0 event this month (Word on the street says was his best talk yet). We came across this story today. 

This is a really fun example of when a whole tribe, or community bond together things can really fly! 

It is also a brilliant example of a company that are agile and responsive in their approch and service - well done @klm!

SME 2.0 is a TAGtribe member event on the first Wednesday of every month.

Coming up....

Don Ward - Constructing Excellence

Andy Bargery - Klaxon Marketing

Phil Szomszor - Citigae PR

James Poulter - Lexis PR 

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